Creating "education that builds a better future"

The year 2005 marks the start of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, an initiative originally proposed by Japan. As a non-government networking organization operating in Japan, ESD-J will join with people throughout the world in an effort to give substance to "education that builds a better future".

Education for Sustainable Development
Recent News

Message to G8 Summit from Asian Civil Socieity

A booklet, "Asian Civil Societies' Message to G8 Summit" is now available on this web site. This brochure was prepared and authored by ESD-J and delegates from 8 NGOs of 8 countries/areas in Asia. Besides the proposal, the proposal background, ESD AGEPP cases that provide the unique perspectives and commentary for the proposal are also included in the booklet.

ESD-J also released a dissemination brochure of the proposal in English and Japanese. This brochure contains a lot of nice illustrations of Asian children and easy explanation about the proposal.

The A3 size booklet and brochures can be downloared from the following URL.
G8 Leaflet (PDF1.46M)
G8 Brochure 01 (Jpanaese)(PDF3.59M)
G8 Brochure 02 (Japanese)(PDF7.68M)
G8 Brochure 01(English) (PDF3.54M)
G8 Brochure 02 (English)(PDF7.62M)

ESD-J will appeal the proposal at the G8 Alternative Summit for NGOs from 6 - 8 July.

Press Release: ESD-J Proposal to G8 Summit

ESD-J prepared the Proposal from ESD Asian citizens' perspectives May 2008. The proposal will be submitted to G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit and Environmental Ministers' Meeting held ESD-J. Press Release document (both in Japanese and English) as well as ESD Proposal to G8 Summit Leaflet are now available to be downloaded from the icon below.

Proposal to G8 Press Release (Japanese)(PDF88.62Kb)
Proposal to G8 Press Release (English)(PDF89.61Kb)
Proposal to G8 Leaflet (PDF828.41Kb)

Study Group for Asian International Students

ESD-J will hold the following study group for international students from Asian countries.
Learning together:
Social Creation for Achieving Sustainability in Asia and Its Role of Education

Date: 16 Sep. 2007 10:00am to 12:00
at: ESD-J Office 5-53-67-B2F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
For any query or your participation, please email to Fumiko, ESD-J Secretariat, (please change X to @)