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Surabaya Workshop report - Towards establishment of Asia NGO Network on ESD by 2014 <11/05/30>

An on-site workshop was held by ESD-J at PPLH environmental education center, Seloliman, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, from 31st July to 3rd Aug, 2010. The workshop aimed to discuss the significance and necessity of Asia NGO Network on ESD and 11 delegates from 7 Asian NGOs, that are mainly the member of Asia Good ESD Practice Research Project: AGEPP (2006-08). The small movement to the establishment of Asia NGO Network on ESD by 2014, that is the final year of United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD).

Since its establishment in 2003, ESD-J has emphasized on the role of civil society organisations and
appealed the necessity of the network. ESD-J started the dialogue for the network with Asian NGOs from 2005. Preparatory Committee for the establishment of ESD-AP (Asia Pacific) was once launched in 2005. But the Preparatory Committee had to terminate its activities since the consensus amongst the members were not fully built to establish ESD-AP.

ESD-J has launched AGEPP in 2006 and NGOs from 6 Asian countries worked together, explored the community based NGO activities, documented these from the education/empowerment perspectives, and deepened the discussions on the ESD points seen on the cases and obstacles. At the Surabaya workshop, the participants reviewed the experience obtained through AGEPP and re-started the discussion on NGO network.

In organizing the workshop, ESD-J focused PPLH Environmental Education Center, as one of 34 AGEPP cases. PPLH has been working on the series of issues including deforestation, unemployment, poverty, gender that had accelerated by Asian currency crisis in 1990s. The venue was selected in order to produce the meaningful discussion through seeing and feeling the issues that the local community had faced.

Participants got together in front of the Banyan tree
Surabaya workshop participants, in front of the banyan tree, the symbol of PPLH. The participants confirmed that face-to-face discussion is the basis of networking.

Scorpion visited our workshop
The meeting room locates in the forest – scorpion, Pandinus imperator, also participated in the workshop as the special representative from the biological diversity field.

Through the workshop, the participants discussed the following issues based on the analysis on 34 AGEPP case reports from the biological diversity perspectives:
- sustainable development and ESD that us, civil society organizations, define;
- the role of the civil society organizations in seeking sustainability;
- the process of creating the new knowledge for sustainability by bridging the traditional/ indigenous knowledge and modern scientific knowledge;
- the significance of networking NGOs, function, and ownership

The discussion produced that the following outcomes, the detail is summarized as “Summary of Discussions”:
- Necessity of the network for NGOs by NGOs
- Establishment of the NGO network by 2014
- ESD-J will be the interim secretary
- Further analysis, documentation and training program development based on 34 AGEPP cases

The next step will be the development of the related projects and fundraising.
The workshop also produced the message by the AGEPP network to the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD/COP10). ESD-J appealed at CBD/COP10 the message that NGO community working for ESD are pleased to closely collaborate with biodiversity people for awareness raising and knowledge disseminating on biodiversity conservation.

The workshop handouts are downloadable by clicking the following icons:

ESD keywords from the workshop discussion
Keywords from the workshop – the participants clarified the significant ESD key perspectives for the local community sustainability

Farmers' meeting place in the paddy field
Organic farmers meeting place near PPLH, that locates in the middle of the paddy field.

Fumiko Noguchi, ESD-J International Programme Coordinator