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ESD Meets CEPA - Creating a Synergy between UN Decade of Biodiversity and DESD <10/10/13>

ESD Meets CEPA - Creating a Synergy between UN Decade for Sustainable Development (UNDESD) and UN Decade of Biodiversity (UNDB)

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided

October 19th, 2010, Tuesday 11:00am – 16:00pm (Open at10:30am)
Venue: Meeting room 2, 1st Floor, Shirotori Campus,
Nagoya Gakuin University, Nagoya city, Japan
Fee: Free

Since its establishment in 2003, ESD-J has promoted socially and ecologically sustainable society and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), and sought the social framework to support them, under UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD). Now, Japanese Government and NGOs are jointly proposing the UNDB (2011-2020) and CEPA (Communication, Education and Public Awareness) will be the basic principle for the UNDB. Through this forum discussion, we hope that the knowledge and experience obtained with the UNDESD can be shared, and develop a synergy between UNDB and ESD based on CEPA principles.

11:00-11:10 Welcoming address
11:10-11:50 Presentation 1: "What is the UNDB? What is CEPA?"
M. David Ainsworth (CBD Secretariat)
Presentation 2: "The role of ESD in the promotion of UNDB and CEPA"
M. Katsunori Suzuki (ESD-J Board member/ Kanazawa University) and Ms. Elizabeth Roxas, (Environmental Broadcast Circle – EBC)
11:50-12:50 Panel Discussion:“How should UNDB and CEPA be promoted?”
Coordinator:M. Katsunori Suzuki
Panelist:M. David Ainsworth/Ms. Marta Andelman(IUCN)
/Ms. Yoko Shinkai(Environmental Partnership Office (EPO)- Chubu) /Ms. Elizabeth Roxas
12:50-13:00 Japan Civil Network for CBD – Public Awareness Working Group Proposal
M. Masahiro Kawatei (Japan Civil Network for CBD – Public Awareness Working Group)
13:00-14:00 Lunch *Please bring your own lunch
14:00-14:30 Presentations on ESD cases that enhance the local biodiversity
- Hokkaido Okhotsk Monbetsu: Mr. Masahiro Koizumi (Sapporo Free School "You") and Mr. Satoshi Hatakeyama (Mo-pet Sanctuary Network)
- Kagoshima Prefecture Shigetomi Higata:Ms. Nako Hamamoto (Kusunoki Shizenkan)
14:30-15:50 Group Discussion: Participants choose either topics, "How can we achieve sustainable community development based on biodiversity conservation?" or "How can we proceed CEPA under UNBD?"
15:50-16:00 Summary and Closing address

Write an e-mail with your name, organization, address, mail address, profile (less than 20 words), to Ms. Fumiko Noguchi – / Ph: +81-3-3797-7227 / Fax: +81-3-6277-7554

Organiser: Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J)
Co-organiser: Environmental Partnership Office (EPO) - Chubu
Supporter: Japan Civil Network for CBD – "Biodiversity×Development" Working Group